Anesthesia From A-Z With Nurse Nee Nee

Anesthesia From A-Z With Nurse Nee Nee

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Looking for a book that calms fears and anxieties about doctor's office visits and hospitalization when anesthesia is needed for a child's surgery? "Anesthesia From A-Z With Nurse Nee Nee" is that book!

This picture book is a valuable tool because it prepares children and parents for what to expect prior to undergoing anesthesia for surgery. Using the alphabet in the story helps kids feel more at ease, and using role-play with their ABCs helps get them prepared before the process The hospital can be a scary setting, but each turn of the page helps parents feel empowered when they learn how they can help in the process of improving the outcome of their child's experience before and after anesthesia is administered.

Nearly four million children in the United States alone undergo surgery requiring general anesthesia each year. Knowing how to prepare, getting last-minute questions answered, and having a valuable resource on hand that is fun, educational, and therapeutic, is what many parents search for, and all children benefit from.

"Anesthesia From A-Z With Nurse Nee Nee" can be read repeatedly, as a tool for helping little ones acknowledge their emotions and understand that a book written in this style can be very comforting.

Here are more reasons "Anesthesia From A-Z With Nurse Nee Nee" is beneficial and should be added to your child's library before receiving anesthesia for a surgical procedure.

  • This book is written by a board-certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) who knows firsthand the fears and anxieties parents and children face before being put to sleep. She uses the alphabet to provide insight and make clear what to anticipate from your anesthesia provider.
  • This picture book will help to lessen anxiety and help families become more knowledgeable about anesthesia before a surgical procedure.
  • The information contained within the pages of the story will help children and parents feel more empowered while giving them the tools necessary to be prepared for the anesthesia experience.
  • Parents and children will gain a supportive connection when reading this story together.
  • This book will be viewed as a valuable resource that can be treasured and shared with healthcare providers- pediatricians, surgeons, etc., to have on hand at office and hospital libraries and gift shops.
  • This lovely illustrated book will provide the insight that anesthesia providers want patients to have that will keep them safe and increase the likelihood of a peaceful induction, or going off to sleep. This in turn leads to a decrease in pain and anxiety throughout the surgical experience, on wake-up, and even after discharge.


 "Anesthesia From A-Z With Nurse Nee Nee" is an excellent read for children to increase their medical vocabulary and enhance their comfort at pediatrician office visits.



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